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#Just5Minutes – What I Do When I’m Not Feeling It

Walking feels like the easiest way to get a workout in, especially when you really aren’t feelin’ it! 

Interstitial Cystitis + Hip Bursitis + Swelling that I can’t get rid of + My usual horrid leg pain + Can’t think so much (AKA – Brain Fog) = The Devil reincarnated 5x and mixed altogether — just because it’s fun.

That is all.

Oh .. But I did get #Just5Minutes in — 45min treadmill walk. Not super fast, but enough and I love my IntelliSkin sports bras!

IntelliSkin is supposed to mimic taping or Kt tape, and help provide a gentle reminder to keep proper alignment. I’m not a huge fan of bracing and braces typically don’t work well for me, so have several years of encouragement, I broke down and bought both a few IntelliSkin & AlignMed products to try.

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