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“Exercise Should be the 4th Meal of the Day” – Dr. Pradeep Chopra

At Wellapalooza 2017, Dr. Chopra said that movement and exercise should be our 4th meal of the day (the link to his presentation slides is below). He also suggested that everyone should get a paddle board (jokingly). Glad my husband took him seriously though! My husband surprised me with a belated Mother’s Day present — a Tamarindo Paddle Board. Tamarindo paddle boards is a company based out of Virginia Beach, which is a good thing because I’ve already signed up for paddle board yoga and paddleboard barre classes. Link to Tamarindo Paddle Board’s website – SUP Barre classes in Va Beach. Classes held at sunrise or sunset – Link to Dr. Pradeep Chopra’s Presentation Slides from Wellapalooza 2017 –

Fluid Retention, Joint Hypermobility, and My Knees

I can tell you all this – I’ve had issues with fluid retention like this off and on for years. It’s not always dependent on a reaction, but I do get swelling then to. This is swelling that is just there and is hard for anyone to see other than me, but you see it off and on, there’s a clear diff of about 5-10 lbs and it happens fast. It’s also everywhere, but specifically affects my legs and arms. And both places aren’t where I gain weight quickly. My legs yes, but that’s on my hips, the water retention and what my skin looks like happens on my legs above my knees and I don’t have fat there. It’s the craziest thing bc I used to think it was bc I ate too much of sweets, but when it comes off, it comes off fast – like in a day. I can suddenly see muscles that I thought I lost (I workout often also) and my skin looks different. I have learned that too …