Month: June 2017

13 Years Ago Today ….

You can never be prepared for certain things to take your breath away, but memories like this sure do. They also leave you permanently attached to the people who were with you at the time – both family and new friends you had only recently met. I wasn’t initially sure why this picture showed up on my FB memories – especially as a memory from 3 years ago, and because my mom passed away over 10 years ago. And then I realized why – my mom passed away 13 years ago today – I had just found out 10 days earlier that I was pregnant with my first baby, Johann, who we named after his Bedste.

Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga for Hypermobility and Chronic Pain with Kendra Neilsen Myles, C.H.E.S., RYT 200

Gentle Hatha Flow Yoga for Hypermobility and Chronic Pain with Kendra Neilsen Myles, C.H.E.S., RYT 200 of EDS Wellness. Full 55-minute class recorded at The Mindfulness Center as part of EDS Wellness’ Mind-Body Strategies for Hypermobility with Chronic Pain movement and support group program.   Please remember – Participate at your own risk. EDS Wellness, Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS, their affiliates and this YouTube channel, are not liable for injury or issues that may occur as a result of viewing or participating in this recorded video, or other videos freely available on the Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS YouTube channel. Always ask your physician, physical therapist, or another healthcare provider before trying a new exercise, movement, or another program. When in doubt, just watch. These classes are not suitable for everyone. They are also not to be misconstrued as a directive for everyone living with a type of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder, or their related conditions or as healthcare advice. Participation in this recorded class or any of our other videos means that you understand and accept EDS Wellness and Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS’ and its …

“Exercise Should be the 4th Meal of the Day” – Dr. Pradeep Chopra

At Wellapalooza 2017, Dr. Chopra said that movement and exercise should be our 4th meal of the day (the link to his presentation slides is below). He also suggested that everyone should get a paddle board (jokingly). Glad my husband took him seriously though! My husband surprised me with a belated Mother’s Day present — a Tamarindo Paddle Board. Tamarindo paddle boards is a company based out of Virginia Beach, which is a good thing because I’ve already signed up for paddle board yoga and paddleboard barre classes. Link to Tamarindo Paddle Board’s website – SUP Barre classes in Va Beach. Classes held at sunrise or sunset – Link to Dr. Pradeep Chopra’s Presentation Slides from Wellapalooza 2017 –

#Just5Minutes – Week 4 of making the decision to take my life and body back is 1/2 way over

The sunrise on the way to barre class this morning – beautiful. It makes getting up super early just a bit easier.  – I’ve worked out 1-2x a day, every day. – I’m focusing on doing yoga 2x a week – not just when teaching it. My next goal is to do it daily for a 30-day challenge. – I’m still going to PT an average of 1x a week – I’ve made sure that I’m walking as much as I have been – especially when taking the kids to school or picking them up. – I’ve gone to bed at a reasonable time each night, but I’m still working on getting enough sleep and rest. Pacing has never been my strength. – I’m making sure that I’m taking my supplements each day, and working on improving my nutrition even more (although I’m super hungry all of the time, which isn’t usual for me). – I’ve been trying to make sure I make time for acupuncture, massage and other alternative therapies that I know help, …