Month: April 2017

Love my babies – no matching outfits, unshowered, sandy and sunkissed. Best kind of pictures. 

Before I was knee-deep in launching a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, planning wellness retreats for patients and holding physician learning conferences, or before Sisters Media branched out into print and digital publishing for medical and health field, my main love other than working out, was photography. Still is by far one of the things I love the most – especially when I actually use my good camera. 😉 

#Just5Minutes even while on vacation

No equipment needed and videos are free on YouTube! My workout today was: – 2.41 mile walk with my husband on the beach (slower pace) for the #AmericaRuns5k benefitting EDS Wellness with Charity Footprints – Power Yoga Video with Michelle Goldstein (1hr) – – Tracey Anderson’s Butt and Glutes 20 min workout – The Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS YouTube channel has several playlists with various videos from living with EDS videos to some of my favorite at home workout videos. It also has all Wellapalooza, EDS Wellness, Moving Naturally with Hypermobility, The Hypermobile Yogi & the edited Just 5 Minutes class videos. Subscribe by going to –

Heal, Restore, Empower – Wellapalooza 2017

One of my goals while growing EDS Wellness and working to expand the Just 5 Minutes initiative, has been to have our own yoga mats – mats that mean something to those we work with — and to us. The featured picture is one of the first yoga mat designs created for Wellapalooza 2017. Next, we are partnering with Sankalpa for another amazing design — and very different.  The EDS community identifies with the Zebra, but I prefer to do things a bit different and go against the norm. Hence, why I love the amazing yoga mat designs by one of the graphic designers I’ve been working with. Specifically, the Wellapalooza 2017 yoga mat is incredible — and my mom’s favorite birds was the hummingbird. Bonus for becuase of that too! Here’s what a Hummingbird symbolizes — I think it fits perfectly with EDS Wellness‘ mission and initiatives – “The Native American symbol of the hummingbird represents wonder and beauty. The hummingbird is also a healing symbol that helps people focus on the positive aspect of …