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We had fantastic 1st & 2nd MIND-BODY STRATEGIES FOR HYPERMOBILITY AND CHRONIC PAIN classes!  Thank you to everyone who came out! A follow-up email including information shared in the both classes will be sent soon. Promise.  Our 3rd class will focus on the mindfulness for hypermobility study that was conducted at NIH a few years ago, John Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness program, and will include a 30 mins restorative yoga practice.  All levels welcome! This series of 4 classes are being held at The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, MD.  Classes begin at 1:30pm.  Address for The Mindfulness Center: 4963 Elm St., Suite 100. Bethesda, MD 20814 (Above the Wells Fargo Bank) We have several people registered, which is great! If you are already registered or are interested in joining us tomorrow or for our final class in this series on December 2nd, here are a few suggestions to help ensure your safety and comfort: – If you have a yoga mat, you are welcome to bring it. However, The Mindfulness Center has plenty. I often recommend using …

Mind-Body Strategies for Hypermobility and Chronic Pain

This 4 class/seminar series on Mind-Body Strategies for hypermobility and chronic pain, and is a collaboration between EDS Wellness and Dr. Deborah Norris with The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, MD. The purpose of this series of 4 classes is based on two principles: 1. Part of the RYS 200 Yoga Instructor Training Program is a Seva requirement. Seva is a series of 4 yoga classes taught by a particular community – free of charge. It’s the community service requirement of the RYS 200 certification. Of course, I picked the hypermobility/EDS community to teach classes to. 2. One of the projects that I’ve been working on for EDS Wellness is a mindfulness for hypermobility program with Dr. Francomano, based on her experience with a study that she conducted years ago. Originally, the Seva component of my yoga instructor training and the project with Dr. Francomano under EDS Wellness were not one in the same. However, as time went on and because of Dr. Norris’ and The Mindfulness Center’s support of Wellapalooza and the work that I …

MindBody Retreat in Costa Rica with The Mindfulness Center

Costa Rica Yoga and Meditation Retreat 2017 with Debbie Norris, Ph.D., and Jessie Norris Taylor  “We will be staying at Pura Vida Retreat and Spa, in Allejuella Costa Rica. Pura Vida Spa located in Costa Rica’s Central Valley is a beautiful estate surrounded by coffee plantations and breathtaking views of the valley below. Pura Vida is known for its delightful gourmet meals, outstanding accommodations extraordinarily gifted Healing Arts Spa Therapists and an impressionable team of staff members. Our Hatha yoga practices, led by TMC founders Debbie Norris and Jessie Norris Taylor, will include a blend of vinyasa flow yoga, as well as gentle and restorative yoga and meditation. Yogis of all levels of experience are welcome, and practices will be the lead in a way so as to meet each at their level of comfort. So, whether you are an experienced practitioner or brand new to yoga, you will find both the opportunity to challenge yourself and to deeply relax and rejuvenate safely! For More Information Visit: Or, contact Jessie at“