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#Just5Minutes – Lots of people workout at 6am – who knew? 

And what else can you do when you sleep like this? I met my friend at Zengo Cycle and I’m pretty sure she left shocked – per usual. However, class this morning reminded me of why I started going to Zengo in the first place – just about 5 years ago? ‘CLIMBING OUT OF THE EDS SPIRAL – MY ZENGO STORY’ #Just5Minutes #LiveEDSStrong #InvisibleStrength #EhlersDanlos #Hypermobility

#Just5Minutes – Zengo Cycle Class for my 3rd Workout of the Day 

Barre3 & Yoga classes this AM, and then Power Hour at Zengo Cycle with Shannon Ryan = how to procrastinate when you have so much to do, are beyond behind with work, and can’t see straight (literally and figuratively).  Working out 3x in one day was the lesser of two evils and less painful to wrap my head around.  Bonus! I picked up this shirt for the silent auction at Wellapalooza 2017 Integrative Wellness Retreat!

#Just5Minutes – 30 mins on the Indoor Spinning Bike

Because even when planning two conferences and having a boatload of work to do, you need to just get it done – even if it’s 11:55pm at night. My cut off for getting a workout in, even for 5-10 minutes, is 11:59am. Crazy, but it’s another trick or rule I have in my head to keep me going, even if I really don’t want to – as long as I start working out or moving by 11:59pm, the workout counts for that day. If I haven’t started by 12:00am, then then the workout counts towards the next day, so I should just go to bed.  It doesn’t always work, but it did last night – 30 mins on the indoor spinning bike done! Even though I really didn’t want to…..

#Just5Minutes – 20 mins cycling at home and the other side of needing meds to help you focus 

Sometimes you just aren’t feeling like it. Other times there’s so much going on that you have to choose sleep or to exercise. Most of this week, I opted to get sleep because how much it affects my brain cognition, my ability to drive and to get through a day of non-stop appointments, meetings, conference calls, and life. It was also my birthday this week, and I usually love to book my favorite classes back to back, just because I can, but that didn’t happen this week. It didn’t happen on my birthday either. I have been feeling very run down this week, and more than frustrated because of how I felt. I didn’t understand it. It didn’t make sense to me. I was getting sleep but felt like a train wreck when I woke up. Part of me couldn’t believe or accept that the way I was feeling was because I crammed hard for the C.H.E.S. exam last Saturday. It had been several days since I sat for the exam and it didn’t make …

#Just5Minutes when I Really, Really, Really, Really, Really did not want to work out – even for a hot second.

I’ve been in studying hell for the C.H.E.S Certification Exam, or I should say – Procrastination Hell. The exam is in the morning and I needed to move. I’ve gotten little sleep the last few days — no joke, probably three hours total, and tonight will be maybe an hour if I can actually fall asleep. I feel horrid. Pain is off the charts for several reasons, but yoga and movement usually make me feel better.  So, that’s what I did – 15 mins on the spin bike and then some yoga-ish stretching/strength to help ease pain.  Still .. I got it done, even if it was only 15ninues – something is better than notthubg

#Just5Minutes – Zengo with My Husband 

I’m glad that I went at 5pm to Shannon’s class at Zengo Cycle, because I probably wouldn’t have worked out otherwise. I was tired and have more than enough studying to do, not to mention work to get done. However, we had a sitter for the kids, so my husband dragged me because he knew that I wanted to go. Afterwards, we were able to grab something to eat as well. Thank goodness for Chromolyn Sodium – my stomach is much happier now.  And I tried the new Kyani Nitro Extreme powder – impressed.

#Just5Minutes – When You Miss Your Zengo Cycling Class 

I had to cancel two classes today earlier today, and then I didn’t make it in time to my Zengo Cycling class. What went from a rockstar workout day, took a serious nose dive, but was saved by my oldest. He saw me in my yoga/workout room on the spinning bike — after I came home early from the cyling class I had just missed. I wasn’t happy to say the least, but made myself get on the spinning bike and start peddling my legs. My oldest opened the door to the workout room and when I asked him what he was doing, he responded “You’re in a workout class — see you later!”  He then smiled, shut the door, and walked away. And made sure his little sister didn’t interrupt me.  Now that’s love.