Month: August 2016

#Just5Minutes – What I Do When I’m Not Feeling It

Walking feels like the easiest way to get a workout in, especially when you really aren’t feelin’ it!  Interstitial Cystitis + Hip Bursitis + Swelling that I can’t get rid of + My usual horrid leg pain + Can’t think so much (AKA – Brain Fog) = The Devil reincarnated 5x and mixed altogether — just because it’s fun. That is all. Oh .. But I did get #Just5Minutes in — 45min treadmill walk. Not super fast, but enough and I love my IntelliSkin sports bras! IntelliSkin is supposed to mimic taping or Kt tape, and help provide a gentle reminder to keep proper alignment. I’m not a huge fan of bracing and braces typically don’t work well for me, so have several years of encouragement, I broke down and bought both a few IntelliSkin & AlignMed products to try.

Total Body Workout at home with Various Pieces of Equipment, and Yoga Ending (June 2016)

At-home-workout with minimal equipment (see links below) and yoga ending     Links to equipment used: Woss Suspension Trainer (similar to TRX Bands)   Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Resistance Band Carrying Case   Rumble Roller – Textured Muscle Foam Roller Manipulates Soft Tissue-Like A Massage Therapist   Yoga Design Lab Hot Yoga Mat – The Combo Yoga Mat  

Yoga with Dave at TMC

We have 1 more week of summer before my babies go back to school. I promised to take them to All Fired Up, a paint your own pottery place, at some point this summer. And since we haven’t been and now have very little time to make sure we go, I decided to take them today and get a yoga class in as well. The kids went to All Fired Up, and I  went to The Mindfulness Center (TMC) for Dave’s 12pm yoga class.

AcroYoga with my Little Bub

Couldn’t leave my Little Bub out! AcroYoga with my baby boy before we started the 9hr drive home from vacation last week. I was smiling and laughing be because of this little guy rocks. He battles sensory processing issues, pretty severe anxiety, chronic fatigue – all associated with #hypermobility. However, there is nothing this kid will not do if he sets his mind to it. He amazes me every day, and I’m so proud to be his Mama. Originally posted on Instagram –