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Nope, did not have the MELT Method or Yoga Tune Up®, but now I do!

When you teach #Just5Minutes classes 2x a week live on your foundation’s Facebook page, and you are now holding a weekly movement and mindfulness-based program and support group, you feel obligated to purchase and “try” the various movement programs that say they help people manage chronic pain. Or, maybe it’s just an excuse, so my husband doesn’t say, “don’t you have enough workout stuff already?” Nope, did not have the MELT Method or Yoga Tune Up®, but now I do! My other excuse? These will be perfect for the Life Hacks table at Wellapalooza 2017! EDS Wellness’ “Just 5 Minutes” class on Monday at 11 am (EST), just got a whole lot more exciting. 😉 (Massage pillow, knock-off TRX bands, and resistance band set were purchased previously and are some of my necessities for living as well as possible with EDS, and ensuring that I always have a way to keep my muscles strong – all are easily portable for traveling)

The Floor is the Best Desk 

Only when you are hypermobile, does the floor become your desk. It’s way more comfortable than sitting in a chair at a desk, or sitting at all. At least, I can move around and also perform PT exercises while I work.  Notice the scapula support by Braceability – I finally gave into wearing something to help rounded, hypermobile shoulders while I’m working on the computer.  Neck position is key though. You want to keep your neck long and aligned, and eyes cast down, versus your neck tilted/hyperextended to allow your eyes to look up at the computer screen.

Adaptive Yoga – Yoga for All!

Most know how much I love yoga, and how strongly I feel about it being perfectly safe when done right for those with Hypermobility. There are also countless types of yoga, including Restorative Yoga, where you do more laying down, relaxing, and meditating than moving. There’s also Chair Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and much more! Yoga Nidra, a type of meditative yoga practice, is one of my favorite types of yoga by far! The Restorative Yoga class at The Mindfulness Center during Wellapalooza 2016, which was led by Dr. Norris, had many of us in tears. Restorative Yoga, and yoga, in general, can be incredibly powerful and healing — and it certainly was that day. In addition to my yoga for hypermobility/Ehlers-Danlos syndrome/Mindfulness for Ehlers-Danlos syndrome program that will be offered in November (series of 4 classes as part of my Seva requirement for Yoga Teacher Certification), below is information on both an adaptive/all-accessible yoga conference by Accessible Yoga, and another endeavor started by Body Positive Yoga & her best friend. Read below — and make …