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Upcoming Events and Conferences! 

A few exciting updates:  1. The EDS Wellness HelpLine is live! You can schedule 15min phone appointments and also send emails to Direct link to HelpLine appointment scheduling –  Link to post shared on EDS Wellness – 2. EDS Wellness has an App! Link to download the EDS Wellness App by Healcode LLC on iTunes – Also available on Google Play! 3. I’ve announced several events coming up, including yoga and mindfulness for hypermobility and chronic pain. Save the date if interested! See flyers below! Registration will be live soon!

MindBody Retreat in Costa Rica with The Mindfulness Center

Costa Rica Yoga and Meditation Retreat 2017 with Debbie Norris, Ph.D., and Jessie Norris Taylor  “We will be staying at Pura Vida Retreat and Spa, in Allejuella Costa Rica. Pura Vida Spa located in Costa Rica’s Central Valley is a beautiful estate surrounded by coffee plantations and breathtaking views of the valley below. Pura Vida is known for its delightful gourmet meals, outstanding accommodations extraordinarily gifted Healing Arts Spa Therapists and an impressionable team of staff members. Our Hatha yoga practices, led by TMC founders Debbie Norris and Jessie Norris Taylor, will include a blend of vinyasa flow yoga, as well as gentle and restorative yoga and meditation. Yogis of all levels of experience are welcome, and practices will be the lead in a way so as to meet each at their level of comfort. So, whether you are an experienced practitioner or brand new to yoga, you will find both the opportunity to challenge yourself and to deeply relax and rejuvenate safely! For More Information Visit: Or, contact Jessie at“  

Wellapalooza 2016 3-Day Integrative Wellness Retreat

Wellapalooza 2016 is 3-day integrative wellness retreat in the MD/DC/VA area – we are a different type of medical or wellness conference! We’ve added a few updates to our event schedule and bios on Team Wella 2016. Additional details and answers to questions that we’ve received are explained below. If you do not find the answers you are looking for, please send us an email to Whatever is not included here, will be either posted tomorrow on the Wellapalooza website and Facebook page or sent in an email. Still, if you have additional questions or if I do not include an answer to your question, please send an email. Wellapalooza 2016 Information Wellapalooza 2016 is thrilled to host incredible speakers such as Dr. Clair Francomano — Geneticist & Ehlers-Danlos syndrome specialist, Dr. Larry Afrin – Oncologist/Hematologist — Mast Cell Activation Disorder specialist, Dr. Christine Mohrhaus Hale — Tenet Healthcare, Dr. Deborah Norris, Ph.D. — The Mindfulness Center, and Rebecca Snow – Nutritionist/Herbalist. Additionally, we are holding a Physicians Learning Lunch in conjunction with Wellapalooza …

Wellapalooza 2016 Retreat Registration Information

Wellapalooza 2016 Retreat Registration Information Our 2016 Wellapalooza conference is a destination 3-day integrative health and wellness retreat. Think vacation, calm, fun, and informative – the perfect way to recharge your mind, body, and soul! Dates: June 10th – 12th, 2016 Where: Maryland – split between Bethesda and Columbia Venues: The Mindfulness Center (Bethesda, MD), Haven on the Lake (Columbia, MD), and Turf Valley Resort (Ellicott City, MD) Confirmed speakers: – Dr. Clair Francomano (EDS/Genetics) – Dr. Larry Afrin (MCAS & Author of Never Bet Against Occam: Mast Cell Activation Disease and the Modern Epidemics of Chronic Illness & Medical Complexity) – Dr. Christine Mohrhaus Hale (Tenet Healthcare) – Deborah Norris, Ph.D. (The Mindfulness Center) – Rebecca Snow (Nutritionist/Herbalist/Chef) – & more! Registration for Wellapalooza 2016 is now live! We will be posting additional event details as we have them, but please feel free to email with any questions. Conditions of focus: Mast Cell Activation Disorders (MCAD), Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes (EDS), how these conditions relate to each other, and to other common chronic medical conditions. …

May is EDS Awareness Month!

 May is EDS Awareness Month! 

In honor of EDS Awareness Month (May), Sarah Wells from My Stripy Life and I are sharing details on what you need to do to register for your FREE copy our parenting EDS Kids e-book ‘51 Tips for Parents of Children Newly Diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS)‘ once it’s released! What first started out as a joint blog post about parenting and having kids with EDS, turned into a six-month-long project that Sarah and I have been working on off and on, waiting for the right time to finish and release it. As we continued to collaborate on it, we kept finding more and more to add, and even more information and resources that we wanted to make sure were included in our post – which then turned our joint blog post into a full resource e-book. This e-book is the real; no holds barred advice that we wish we knew, and we hadn’t had to figure out for ourselves, the stuff that the medical books don’t always tell …

Mast Cell Madness and A Yoga Retreat (YTT 15hrs)

Mast Cell Madness and A Yoga Retreat In January, I received the results from an eight-year-old colonoscopy that was stained for mast cells – the same month I started yoga instructor training with The Mindfulness Center. Despite doing what I do and the fact that I was helping Dr. Afrin publish his book, the results were not easy to accept. I felt anger & resentment, not to mention emotional and very scared. For me, mast cell issues have been a part of my life since I was a kid – I just didn’t know what “it” was. And no matter what I was or what “it” is (the EDS/MCAD/Dysautonomia/chronic illness combo), the reality is that about a year and a half ago, things dramatically changed after I got the flu shot for work. When you work in hospitals, especially in the OR, you are required to get the influenza vaccine – something I’ve done a number of times with no issues, or so I think. Three hours after I got the shot, I doubled in …