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“Exercise Should be the 4th Meal of the Day” – Dr. Pradeep Chopra

At Wellapalooza 2017, Dr. Chopra said that movement and exercise should be our 4th meal of the day (the link to his presentation slides is below). He also suggested that everyone should get a paddle board (jokingly). Glad my husband took him seriously though! My husband surprised me with a belated Mother’s Day present — a Tamarindo Paddle Board. Tamarindo paddle boards is a company based out of Virginia Beach, which is a good thing because I’ve already signed up for paddle board yoga and paddleboard barre classes. Link to Tamarindo Paddle Board’s website – SUP Barre classes in Va Beach. Classes held at sunrise or sunset – Link to Dr. Pradeep Chopra’s Presentation Slides from Wellapalooza 2017 –

Love my babies – no matching outfits, unshowered, sandy and sunkissed. Best kind of pictures. 

Before I was knee-deep in launching a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, planning wellness retreats for patients and holding physician learning conferences, or before Sisters Media branched out into print and digital publishing for medical and health field, my main love other than working out, was photography. Still is by far one of the things I love the most – especially when I actually use my good camera. 😉 

Wanderlust 108

5k + 1 hr 20 mins Yoga + 1 hr Meditation = Wanderlust 108   A ton of good food and even more classes to take – barre, aerial and acro yoga, some type of really hard on a tightrope yoga, hula hooping and more. Such a fun event! My friend Ashira met me there and thankfully took me home — I crashed hard as soon as I walked in the door. I signed up for Acro Yoga but didn’t have anyone to do acro with, and I’m not uber comfortable with touching strangers or strangers touching me. I never realized how uncomfortable I am with that until today during yoga. Totally creeped out by the guy next to me. I stopped after MC Yogi because I’m so not the group touching type person and I didn’t have anyone around me that I knew. I always hated workout classes where you have to get a partner and do things. I like to workout to be in my head and not have to interact — unless …

Wanderlust 108 Festival – The Ultimate Tri for Those Who Love MindBody Practices

Click on the picture below to join the EDS Wellness/Wellapalooza Group at Wanderlust 108 in DC on October 2nd, 2016!   What is Wanderlust 108?   “Wanderlust 108 is a field day for your mind, body and soul. Hold the plastic trophy, because we have better prizes: vibrant community, self-awareness and inner peace. Community instead of competition? You can’t beat that. “Sure, it doesn’t seem as strenuous as running a marathon, lifting several hundred pounds, or sweating through a Hatha yoga class, but walking is just as effective a workout as any other! Regular, brisk walking can help you maintain a healthy weight, prevent or manage conditions like high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes, improve your balance, and boost your mood. Incorporate more walking into your day by parking at the back of the parking lot, going for an after dinner stroll with your family, or taking an extra lap around the grocery store before checking out.” Click the link below to view Wanderlust’s Facebook Event Page Learn more about Wanderlust Festivals by going to You can …

Mast Cell Madness and A Yoga Retreat (YTT 15hrs)

Mast Cell Madness and A Yoga Retreat In January, I received the results from an eight-year-old colonoscopy that was stained for mast cells – the same month I started yoga instructor training with The Mindfulness Center. Despite doing what I do and the fact that I was helping Dr. Afrin publish his book, the results were not easy to accept. I felt anger & resentment, not to mention emotional and very scared. For me, mast cell issues have been a part of my life since I was a kid – I just didn’t know what “it” was. And no matter what I was or what “it” is (the EDS/MCAD/Dysautonomia/chronic illness combo), the reality is that about a year and a half ago, things dramatically changed after I got the flu shot for work. When you work in hospitals, especially in the OR, you are required to get the influenza vaccine – something I’ve done a number of times with no issues, or so I think. Three hours after I got the shot, I doubled in …