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My view from #downdog. A good reminder that #Just5Minutes is sometimes all we can do – and something is better than nothing.

This week wasn’t the best for anything – a horrid flare with chronic fatigue and CFS, led to not my usual workouts, which led to eating way more of all foods I usually don’t and can’t, and that led to a whole bunch of falling way behind in life, work and my usual recipe for homeostasis. What I did do: Spent a lot of time with my husband Laughed – a lot Walked my kids to and from school a few days this week Allowed the kids to have play dates even though my house is a disaster Snuggled my babies Slept a lot & still managed to workout and move 5 days this week. Tonight’s workout was a 30 min treadmill walk + 30 push-ups, 3 sets of planks and a few chaturangas; hence, why my view in Downward Facing Dog was pertinent. And of course, I 💗 the Wellapalooza mats from Wellapalooza 2017. Actually, I love each and every mat designed for the EDS Wellness swag store. Each has a special meaning & …

#Just5Minutes – Week 4 of making the decision to take my life and body back is 1/2 way over

The sunrise on the way to barre class this morning – beautiful. It makes getting up super early just a bit easier.  – I’ve worked out 1-2x a day, every day. – I’m focusing on doing yoga 2x a week – not just when teaching it. My next goal is to do it daily for a 30-day challenge. – I’m still going to PT an average of 1x a week – I’ve made sure that I’m walking as much as I have been – especially when taking the kids to school or picking them up. – I’ve gone to bed at a reasonable time each night, but I’m still working on getting enough sleep and rest. Pacing has never been my strength. – I’m making sure that I’m taking my supplements each day, and working on improving my nutrition even more (although I’m super hungry all of the time, which isn’t usual for me). – I’ve been trying to make sure I make time for acupuncture, massage and other alternative therapies that I know help, …

#Just5Minutes – Round 2: Kickboxing 

The ultimate form of procrastination – Round 2 workout, just because kickboxing is one of my all-time favorite workouts, and even after HIIT Tabata Circuit at Sculpt Studio at 6am this morning. Not a fan of all things zebra, but I will wear zebra-striped warps under my boxing gloves – this is my shout-out to my EDS Wellness community.  And I’m so going to win the BCC (“Buff Body Contest”) against my husband.

#Just5Minutes – For the record, my favorite exercise ever is the deadlift. 

HIIT Tabata Circuit Sculpt Studio & week 4 of the Buff Body Contest (BCC) with my husband.  While cleaning the boys’ room last night, my oldest said to my husband, “Mommy is clearly winning.”  Not sure what I’m winning, but taking my life and body back to my normal is priceless.  And I get to snuggle my oldest baby each morning after I get back from working out and before he goes to school. Total bonus.  #Just5Minutes

#Just5Minutes – I will win the BBC (Buff Body Contest) against my husband

Considering he hasn’t done anything the last two days and said that he doesn’t care about winning, he’s not such a fun competitor.  My workouts for today: 6am – HIIT Circuit Megaformer Class on crack.  2pm – Slow walk with a friend, but still a walk and I hit over 10,000 steps.  5:00pm – Walk to pick up the kids from school 7:30pm – TRX with Kazue  I was going to win. 

Heal, Restore, Empower – Wellapalooza 2017

One of my goals while growing EDS Wellness and working to expand the Just 5 Minutes initiative, has been to have our own yoga mats – mats that mean something to those we work with — and to us. The featured picture is one of the first yoga mat designs created for Wellapalooza 2017. Next, we are partnering with Sankalpa for another amazing design — and very different.  The EDS community identifies with the Zebra, but I prefer to do things a bit different and go against the norm. Hence, why I love the amazing yoga mat designs by one of the graphic designers I’ve been working with. Specifically, the Wellapalooza 2017 yoga mat is incredible — and my mom’s favorite birds was the hummingbird. Bonus for becuase of that too! Here’s what a Hummingbird symbolizes — I think it fits perfectly with EDS Wellness‘ mission and initiatives – “The Native American symbol of the hummingbird represents wonder and beauty. The hummingbird is also a healing symbol that helps people focus on the positive aspect of …

#Just5Minutes – 30mins cycling/spinning at home & 30 push-ups 

My nephew decided that he was going to start to 30 push-ups each day because someone commented on his “spaghetti arms.” I told my sister that I would join him because I couldn’t do 30 push-ups in a row in my feet either. They didn’t believe it. But nope, I have my own #EDSSpiral that I’m working out of. So, tonight I did 30 total push-ups – 15 on my feet and 15 on my knees. That was 5 more on my feet than the last time.  Post originally posted on Instagram –