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The Floor is the Best Desk 

Only when you are hypermobile, does the floor become your desk. It’s way more comfortable than sitting in a chair at a desk, or sitting at all. At least, I can move around and also perform PT exercises while I work.  Notice the scapula support by Braceability – I finally gave into wearing something to help rounded, hypermobile shoulders while I’m working on the computer.  Neck position is key though. You want to keep your neck long and aligned, and eyes cast down, versus your neck tilted/hyperextended to allow your eyes to look up at the computer screen.


“THIS IS A SPONSORED POST. I HAVE BEEN COMPENSATED THROUGH THE CHRONIC ILLNESS BLOGGERS NETWORK. ALL OPINIONS REMAIN MY OWN, AND I WAS IN NO WAY INFLUENCED BY THE COMPANY.”   Last week, I posted on Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS about how you can be allergic to semen and how it relates to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS); however, in this post I also discussed other chronic pelvic pain conditions that seem to “travel in packs” for those of us living with a chronic illness (or several). While the point of the article was to explain how this type of allergy is often overlooked, the symptoms it often presents with, and how it may be tied to an underlying route condition, the same “pack” of conditions and symptoms, often causes vaginal dryness as well. Vaginal dryness or any issues “down there” are less than fun to discuss or bring up, and most suffer in silence. Something as simple as using a personal lubricant can help not only make sex more comfortable and enjoyable, it …

#Just5Minutes – What I Do When I’m Not Feeling It

Walking feels like the easiest way to get a workout in, especially when you really aren’t feelin’ it!  Interstitial Cystitis + Hip Bursitis + Swelling that I can’t get rid of + My usual horrid leg pain + Can’t think so much (AKA – Brain Fog) = The Devil reincarnated 5x and mixed altogether — just because it’s fun. That is all. Oh .. But I did get #Just5Minutes in — 45min treadmill walk. Not super fast, but enough and I love my IntelliSkin sports bras! IntelliSkin is supposed to mimic taping or Kt tape, and help provide a gentle reminder to keep proper alignment. I’m not a huge fan of bracing and braces typically don’t work well for me, so have several years of encouragement, I broke down and bought both a few IntelliSkin & AlignMed products to try.