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AcroYoga with my Little Bub

Couldn’t leave my Little Bub out! AcroYoga with my baby boy before we started the 9hr drive home from vacation last week. I was smiling and laughing be because of this little guy rocks. He battles sensory processing issues, pretty severe anxiety, chronic fatigue – all associated with #hypermobility. However, there is nothing this kid will not do if he sets his mind to it. He amazes me every day, and I’m so proud to be his Mama. Originally posted on Instagram –

#Just5Minutes of AcroYoga with my babies 

AcroYoga with my baby girl (and my little Bub) before we started the 9hr drive home after a week of vacation. We have been practicing SUP-yoga all week, and nailed all poses, but fatigue and end-of-vacation-week-attitudes got the best of us yesterday. So, we practiced for a few minutes on the lakefront beach we got in the car. And then we decided that we are so good that we need to teach a child/parent AcroYoga class. We even had a videographer  – video recording of our class coming soon! 😜