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The Purpose Hotel benefitting the Social Good 

Living life with a purpose so much deeper that you make an impact on someone’s life through everything you do – even when staying in a hotel on business or personal travel.  Instead of earning personal points, you give back to those who are less fortunate. Living with the purpose of giving, versus receiving = life-changing and soul-healing.  The Purpose Hotel features top-of-the-line products and materials that contribute to social good. All good hotels provide a retreat – a respite – for its traveler. The Purpose Hotel goes farther: it connects you to something that’s bigger. Simply put, people are the purpose. Everything in the hotel is carefully considered with how it benefits others. By backing The Purpose Hotel, you become part of a larger movement. 1 for 100 Benefit Model The goods and services that make a guest’s stay comfortable and luxurious help improve the quality of life for people around the world. Our design and operations teams strive to source items that maximize the number of people who benefit from the jobs it …

#Just5Minutes – Hotel Gym Workout 

I was graciously asked to speak at the West Virginia EDS Support group meeting. Because the support group meeting helped in the evening and I knew that we wouldn’t get out until a bit later, and because night driving is hard for many reasons, I decided to stay overnight. Staying overnight meant that I either worked out in the hotel gym or in my hotel room — I opted for the gym, even though I did bring my TRX bands and other equipment with me. I did a combo of cardio on the treadmill & eliptical, as well as strength with weights.     

#Just5Minutes – Workout in Hotel Gym While Away for My Best Friend’s Wedding

RP from my Instagram Account – #Just5Minutes – Practicing what I preach. I’m working to officially “launch” EDS Wellness & the Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS site, the #Just5Minutes initiative, working on program development, wellness counseling, another integrative wellness retreat (Wellapalooza), a physician learning conference and more! But taking the time to focus and enjoy one of my best friend’s weddings. And of course, making sure to get my workout in no matter what – even in another hotel gym.