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#Just5Minutes – Sculpt Barre Class

Sculpt Barre Class has become my new favorite class – or, one of them. I’m a big believer in cross training and also in finding ways to strength train with minimal impact on your joints.  Sculpt Studio offer classes that are a twist on Pilates – called The Lagree Method. The Lagree Method uses a machine called the Megaformer.  Sculpt Studio now offers a Barre class, in addition to its other Pilates/Lagree Method-inspired classes. 

#Just5Minutes of Barre – The realization that I’ve seriously deconditioned

#Just5Minutes of barre thanks to Tracey Mallett Fitness’ Booty Barre workout video. BootyBarre plus arms and abs kicked my butt today. Could also be from the lovely #POTS flare I’ve been dealing with lately, but I still got through it. Lots of stops and restarts. Lots of trying to breathe deeply despite feeling seriously out of breath and my heart racing even higher after I stop moving. Barre is also low-impact which makes it more frustrating when I have a hard time keeping up. I move my leg and my heart rate skyrockets. As much as I don’t want to admit it, I’m pretty sure this flare is exacerbated by overall deconditioning that’s progressed over the last year because of working on my computer more, and moving around a lot less during the day, despite still working out and staying active. My strength sessions have also struggled, as have my consistency with going to cycling – both are two things that make a huge difference in how my body reacts to exercise and fights against “The …