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#Just5Minutes – That Time I Almost Died Doing The FIRM for the First Time in A Long Time 

That time you decided to take back your muscles, because you are 4 weeks from going on a Yoga Retreat with The Mindfulness Center at Pura Vida Resort & Spa in Costa Rica, and you decided to go back to what works best – old school Firm workout videos. And you even bought a VHS VCR to play your library of VHS workout tapes on. But, then you almost died 20 mins into your workout….. In college when I didn’t do the FIRM for one week, despite still working out, I used to get what I called the “one month of leg pain” when I started doing it again. In just one week, my muscles can decondition that fast, even when I’m still active. The good news is, muscle has memory, and the FIRM does deliver results in 10 workouts. I was lucky enough to go to the actual FIRM Gym during my freshman year of college Charleston, SC. After I had left the College of Charleston to transfer to the University of Maryland, The …

#Just5Minutes – Holy Buti Yoga! 

Okay, so that may be one of my favorite workouts ever. And my favorite sports bra/posture wear for my hypermobile shoulders by AlignMed.   My full workout tonight before my middle son woke up sick with the croup that his older brother gave him: – 30mins spinning/indoor cycling at home  – 30-45mins strength training and PT exercises  – 40 mins Buti Yoga workout on YouTube 

My #Just5Minutes Parting Gift

While walking on the treadmill last night, I felt the top of my hand get tighter and tighter. I also felt a hot stinging-like pain. I finally stopped walking (I wasn’t walking super fast either), tried to open and close my hand, but it hurt a lot more than I was expecting. I hadn’t actually looked at my hand until that moment, and I suddenly realized why it hurt more than usual – I had a small vein rupture, sometimes referred to as a hematoma. It was more swollen than other small ruptures I’ve had before. I iced it, and the pain slowly subsided, but I can’t say it looked much better afterward.   For the record, my “just 5 minutes” was way more than just 5 minutes, despite my annoying issue. My at home workout today: – 30 mins on indoor spinning bike – 30 mins walk on treadmill (3.0-3.3mph) – 25 mins PIYO Buns workout – 30 mins PT/Strength exercises Pics of my hand that will take forever to heal now: Reference for …

#Just5Minutes – Sculpt Barre Class

Sculpt Barre Class has become my new favorite class – or, one of them. I’m a big believer in cross training and also in finding ways to strength train with minimal impact on your joints.  Sculpt Studio offer classes that are a twist on Pilates – called The Lagree Method. The Lagree Method uses a machine called the Megaformer.  Sculpt Studio now offers a Barre class, in addition to its other Pilates/Lagree Method-inspired classes. 

#Just5Minutes – Sculpt Pilates Class 

Sculpt Studio focuses on the Lagree Method using the Megaformer machine. However, today I took a regular Pilates class at Sculpt and it was great.  I’m still working on regaining my strength from my most recent EDS spiral and Pilates has been a recent type of exercise for me to incorporate in my workout routine.  I fell in love with Pilates over a year ago when visiting my friend’s studio on the Eastern Shore. I quickly realized that classic Pilates had a lot to offer me — different from my usual workouts, such as yoga, the Pilates-like workouts on the Megaformer, indoor cycling, and most other mainstream workouts.   Consequently, I started incorporating classic Pilates into my routine and noticed incredible differences in many of my weaker areas. In fact, Pilates is the main reason why I have hope and shown progress in helping correct the kyphosis and scoliosis in my back, as well as the winging of my scapulae. Over the summer, I was not able  practice Pilates as I previously was able to, …