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It’s hard to believe that our MIND-BODY STRATEGIES FOR HYPERMOBILITY AND CHRONIC PAIN program is almost over! Thank you to everyone who has registered and help support this important and fun initiative. A follow-up email including information shared in all 4 classes will be sent soon. Promise. For Real.  Our 4th class – Vinyasa Flow for Hypermobility and Chronic Pain will be a full 50-60 min class. Our final class will blend Hatha Yoga mixed with Gentle Vinyasa Flow Yoga. We will remain mindful of proper positioning and alignment for hypermobility and chronic pain but will move at a bit quicker pace during this class. However, this will still be a restorative practice. All levels welcome! This series of 4 classes are being held at The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, MD. Classes begin at 1:30 pm. Please allow extra time to park and get set-up so that we can be mindful of the use of the studio and those who need it after our scheduled class is over . Address for The Mindfulness Center: 4963 …

What matters is that we showed up – together. 

Powerful class today.  12 people total showed up – vulnerable, open-minded and honest. I did the same.  We are all in this together.  While I’m learning to teach yoga and mindfulness to our community, versus solely speaking and writing about it, those who’ve come to our last three mind-body classes, have showed up to face their own fears surrounding movement and anything that may cause additional pain or trauma. What matters is that we showed up – together.  What matters is that we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable and open-minded.  What matters is that we know that we are not alone.  What matters is that we allowed ourselves to focus on the positives and what we can do, not just what we can’t – even if it was for #just5minutes.  I’m blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to walk this journey with all those who open themselves up and allow me to walk with them. Not lead them, but walk beside them.  Today was humbling.  Thank you to Deborah Norris, Ph.D. and everyone at …

Emotional Aromatherapy Workshop (1 hr)

Emotional Aromatherapy workshop at The Mindfulness Center! “Emotional Aromatherapy- Empower yourself to live Healthfully AND Happily! Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for their healing properties for mind and body. Learn how aromatherapy using pure, therapeutic grade essential oils has the power to affect our brains and biochemistry to promote feelings of peace, cheer, motivation, passion, and forgiveness. Join Jessie Taylor and Dr. Tina Lightner-Morris to experience the oils for yourself and embrace a healthier, happier you!”