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My view from #downdog. A good reminder that #Just5Minutes is sometimes all we can do – and something is better than nothing.

This week wasn’t the best for anything – a horrid flare with chronic fatigue and CFS, led to not my usual workouts, which led to eating way more of all foods I usually don’t and can’t, and that led to a whole bunch of falling way behind in life, work and my usual recipe for homeostasis. What I did do: Spent a lot of time with my husband Laughed – a lot Walked my kids to and from school a few days this week Allowed the kids to have play dates even though my house is a disaster Snuggled my babies Slept a lot & still managed to workout and move 5 days this week. Tonight’s workout was a 30 min treadmill walk + 30 push-ups, 3 sets of planks and a few chaturangas; hence, why my view in Downward Facing Dog was pertinent. And of course, I 💗 the Wellapalooza mats from Wellapalooza 2017. Actually, I love each and every mat designed for the EDS Wellness swag store. Each has a special meaning & …

#Just5Minutes – That Time I Almost Died Doing The FIRM for the First Time in A Long Time 

That time you decided to take back your muscles, because you are 4 weeks from going on a Yoga Retreat with The Mindfulness Center at Pura Vida Resort & Spa in Costa Rica, and you decided to go back to what works best – old school Firm workout videos. And you even bought a VHS VCR to play your library of VHS workout tapes on. But, then you almost died 20 mins into your workout….. In college when I didn’t do the FIRM for one week, despite still working out, I used to get what I called the “one month of leg pain” when I started doing it again. In just one week, my muscles can decondition that fast, even when I’m still active. The good news is, muscle has memory, and the FIRM does deliver results in 10 workouts. I was lucky enough to go to the actual FIRM Gym during my freshman year of college Charleston, SC. After I had left the College of Charleston to transfer to the University of Maryland, The …

What matters is that we showed up – together. 

Powerful class today.  12 people total showed up – vulnerable, open-minded and honest. I did the same.  We are all in this together.  While I’m learning to teach yoga and mindfulness to our community, versus solely speaking and writing about it, those who’ve come to our last three mind-body classes, have showed up to face their own fears surrounding movement and anything that may cause additional pain or trauma. What matters is that we showed up – together.  What matters is that we allowed ourselves to be vulnerable and open-minded.  What matters is that we know that we are not alone.  What matters is that we allowed ourselves to focus on the positives and what we can do, not just what we can’t – even if it was for #just5minutes.  I’m blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to walk this journey with all those who open themselves up and allow me to walk with them. Not lead them, but walk beside them.  Today was humbling.  Thank you to Deborah Norris, Ph.D. and everyone at …

#Just5Minutes – 20 mins cycling at home and the other side of needing meds to help you focus 

Sometimes you just aren’t feeling like it. Other times there’s so much going on that you have to choose sleep or to exercise. Most of this week, I opted to get sleep because how much it affects my brain cognition, my ability to drive and to get through a day of non-stop appointments, meetings, conference calls, and life. It was also my birthday this week, and I usually love to book my favorite classes back to back, just because I can, but that didn’t happen this week. It didn’t happen on my birthday either. I have been feeling very run down this week, and more than frustrated because of how I felt. I didn’t understand it. It didn’t make sense to me. I was getting sleep but felt like a train wreck when I woke up. Part of me couldn’t believe or accept that the way I was feeling was because I crammed hard for the C.H.E.S. exam last Saturday. It had been several days since I sat for the exam and it didn’t make …

#Just5Minutes – Zengo with My Husband 

I’m glad that I went at 5pm to Shannon’s class at Zengo Cycle, because I probably wouldn’t have worked out otherwise. I was tired and have more than enough studying to do, not to mention work to get done. However, we had a sitter for the kids, so my husband dragged me because he knew that I wanted to go. Afterwards, we were able to grab something to eat as well. Thank goodness for Chromolyn Sodium – my stomach is much happier now.  And I tried the new Kyani Nitro Extreme powder – impressed.

#Just5Minutes – Hotel Gym Workout 

I was graciously asked to speak at the West Virginia EDS Support group meeting. Because the support group meeting helped in the evening and I knew that we wouldn’t get out until a bit later, and because night driving is hard for many reasons, I decided to stay overnight. Staying overnight meant that I either worked out in the hotel gym or in my hotel room — I opted for the gym, even though I did bring my TRX bands and other equipment with me. I did a combo of cardio on the treadmill & eliptical, as well as strength with weights.     

#Just5Minutes – Workout in Hotel Gym While Away for My Best Friend’s Wedding

RP from my Instagram Account – #Just5Minutes – Practicing what I preach. I’m working to officially “launch” EDS Wellness & the Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS site, the #Just5Minutes initiative, working on program development, wellness counseling, another integrative wellness retreat (Wellapalooza), a physician learning conference and more! But taking the time to focus and enjoy one of my best friend’s weddings. And of course, making sure to get my workout in no matter what – even in another hotel gym.