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#Just5Minutes and Catching up, even though the challenge is over – Day 2 of Athleta’s #PowerVita yoga challenge – Cresent Lunge

Same as day 1, when you are Hypermobile, you learn to not “go there” just because you can, or because it makes your pose look prettier. 

Yoga with Hypermobility is all about restraint and not going as far as you think you should or are told you should. In fact, true strength in yoga with Hypermobility starts when you stay within proper range of motion and hold it, to help your muscles gain strength to help stabilize your joints and do the work your connective tissues cannot. 

So, my crescent lunge does not have a deep back bend, and my back leg is not super straight, nor is it hyperextended. It may not be the most perfect or prettiest cresent lunge, but it’s within proper range of motion for those of us who are Hypermobile, and trying to stay in this “normal” range of motion is where our real work is. This is wear we gain strength and how we prevent injuries from doing yoga and “going too far.” 

I aim to lunge my front leg enough that my knee remains over my ankle and I can feel my glute muscles kicking in to provide stabilization in this pose. 

And I did 30 mins treadmill walk with variable incline, planks and push-ups. Not the power hour spinning and yoga classes I planned to take, but it’s still something, and something is better than nothing. 

Proper alignment – not going too far just because

Better, but possibly too far and not the safest for some of us with Hypermobility

Knee is aligned with ankle, but back bend, even a slight one may be too much for some people. Always use caution and discuss any type of new activity or routine, with your healthcare provider first.

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