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Three-legged Downward Facing Dog Pose – Pocket Yoga’s Pose Of The Day

Three-legged (or One-legged) Doward Facing Dog Pose is something we discussed and worked on in my class last week. It is also Pocket Yoga’s Pose of the Day. 

This pose takes a lot of strength, because there’s a lot going on to hold this pose properly. It takes time to build the muscles to necessary to stabilize the joints properly in a pose like this, especially if you are deconditioned or hypermobile. 

Modifications for One-legged Downward-facing Dog Pose are: regular downward-facing dog, downward dog with knees bent or on a bolster, one arm bent and one extended (1/2 dolphin pose) or child’s pose. 

The key is to not hyperextended your knees or elbows, and to keep your elbow pits by your ears. You also don’t hang into your shoulder joints or hyperextended your shoulders and back. 

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