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#Just5Minutes – Sculpt Pilates Class 

Sculpt Studio focuses on the Lagree Method using the Megaformer machine. However, today I took a regular Pilates class at Sculpt and it was great. 

I’m still working on regaining my strength from my most recent EDS spiral and Pilates has been a recent type of exercise for me to incorporate in my workout routine. 

I fell in love with Pilates over a year ago when visiting my friend’s studio on the Eastern Shore. I quickly realized that classic Pilates had a lot to offer me — different from my usual workouts, such as yoga, the Pilates-like workouts on the Megaformer, indoor cycling, and most other mainstream workouts.  

Consequently, I started incorporating classic Pilates into my routine and noticed incredible differences in many of my weaker areas. In fact, Pilates is the main reason why I have hope and shown progress in helping correct the kyphosis and scoliosis in my back, as well as the winging of my scapulae.

Over the summer, I was not able  practice Pilates as I previously was able to, but it felt great to be back in a class today. As expected, I was weak in the very areas that I attend class to help strengthen –  the instructor even commented on how I need to keep my scapulae down. 

I laughed and told her that “it’s my life’s goal to be able to keep my scapulae from winging.” 

It’s deffinately easier said that done when you are hypermobile. 

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