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#EDSFitTip – Practicing Yoga Safely with Joint Hypermobility (Clip 3)

‘Practicing Yoga Safely with Joint Hypermobility’ (Clip 3) with Kendra Neilsen Myles, C.H.E.S., RYT 200 – Video Clip is Part of the #EDSFitTip Movement Series. This video was recorded as part of the Yoga for Chronic Pain class held each Thursday from 1:15pm-2:15 pm at The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, MD. Kendra’s weekly Yoga for Chronic Pain class, related educational materials, and video recordings are a part of the Mind-Body Strategies for Hypermobility with Chronic Pain program developed and implemented last year by Kendra Neilsen Myles, Founder & Executive Director of EDS Wellness, and in collaboration with Deborah Norris, Ph.D., founder of The Mindfulness Center, and Dr. Clair Francomano. Program materials and resources for program implementation of Mind-Body Strategies for Hypermobility with Chronic Pain,  including the initial 4 workshops held between November – December 2016 at The Mindfulness Center, can be found here. Class video recordings and other related videos can be found on the Strength/Flexibility/Health/EDS YouTube Channel.

‘Practicing Yoga Safely with Joint Hypermobility’ November 15th (Today!) at 02:30 PM EST via ZubiaLive!

Please join us November 15th (Today!) at 02:30 PM EST via ZubiaLive! This live broadcast, ‘Practicing Yoga Safely with Joint Hypermobility’ can be viewed on ZubiaLive using your desktop by going to register for this live seminar, go to – or through the easy iPhone App (not currently available on Android devices). Link to App on iTunes – iPhone users can also interact with the host in real-time. Live broadcasts via Zubia can be public or private — options I was looking for. Today’s broadcast is an impromptu test to try the Zubia Platform. The plan is to keep things simple, see how a live broadcasting via Zubia works for our needs and share a few helpful tips. This will be a simple and short broadcast, discussing tips for practicing yoga safely with hypermobility and some general medical info on hypermobility related disorders, such as EDS & HSD. During the broadcast, you will be able to post questions if using the iPhone App, but not if viewing via computer. That options will be fixed next week. Also, if you …