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My view from #downdog. A good reminder that #Just5Minutes is sometimes all we can do – and something is better than nothing.

This week wasn’t the best for anything – a horrid flare with chronic fatigue and CFS, led to not my usual workouts, which led to eating way more of all foods I usually don’t and can’t, and that led to a whole bunch of falling way behind in life, work and my usual recipe for homeostasis. What I did do: Spent a lot of time with my husband Laughed – a lot Walked my kids to and from school a few days this week Allowed the kids to have play dates even though my house is a disaster Snuggled my babies Slept a lot & still managed to workout and move 5 days this week. Tonight’s workout was a 30 min treadmill walk + 30 push-ups, 3 sets of planks and a few chaturangas; hence, why my view in Downward Facing Dog was pertinent. And of course, I 💗 the Wellapalooza mats from Wellapalooza 2017. Actually, I love each and every mat designed for the EDS Wellness swag store. Each has a special meaning & …

Nope, did not have the MELT Method or Yoga Tune Up®, but now I do!

When you teach #Just5Minutes classes 2x a week live on your foundation’s Facebook page, and you are now holding a weekly movement and mindfulness-based program and support group, you feel obligated to purchase and “try” the various movement programs that say they help people manage chronic pain. Or, maybe it’s just an excuse, so my husband doesn’t say, “don’t you have enough workout stuff already?” Nope, did not have the MELT Method or Yoga Tune Up®, but now I do! My other excuse? These will be perfect for the Life Hacks table at Wellapalooza 2017! EDS Wellness’ “Just 5 Minutes” class on Monday at 11 am (EST), just got a whole lot more exciting. 😉 (Massage pillow, knock-off TRX bands, and resistance band set were purchased previously and are some of my necessities for living as well as possible with EDS, and ensuring that I always have a way to keep my muscles strong – all are easily portable for traveling)