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Wanderlust 108

5k + 1 hr 20 mins Yoga + 1 hr Meditation = Wanderlust 108


A ton of good food and even more classes to take – barre, aerial and acro yoga, some type of really hard on a tightrope yoga, hula hooping and more. Such a fun event!

My friend Ashira met me there and thankfully took me home — I crashed hard as soon as I walked in the door.

I signed up for Acro Yoga but didn’t have anyone to do acro with, and I’m not uber comfortable with touching strangers or strangers touching me. I never realized how uncomfortable I am with that until today during yoga. Totally creeped out by the guy next to me. I stopped after MC Yogi because I’m so not the group touching type person and I didn’t have anyone around me that I knew. I always hated workout classes where you have to get a partner and do things. I like to workout to be in my head and not have to interact — unless of course, I’ve chosen to do so.

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