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#Just5Minutes – Zengo Cycle Date with My Husband

There’s something about starting your day, or the weekend, with a great workout — today it was Zengo Cycle


Done and done! Well, except for the doughnuts we promised the kids that we would bring home.

Yeah… There went all those calories we burned, but at least my legs are getting stronger. Cycling regularly helps with fluid retention issues in my legs and above my knees — at least, that’s my hope.

Below are pics of my knees after paddle boarding on vacation. The problem wasn’t paddleboarding. I am conditioned enough to handle paddle boarding, and it’s one of my favorite outdoor activities — especially paddleboard yoga. However, I guess my body didn’t like me paddleboarding on my knees, and it only made the swelling issue in my legs worse. I had no pain, nothing, but a few family members competed on my knees. So, I took a picture because I couldn’t “see” what they were referring to.

I was a bit shocked, alarmed, and a bit concerned — to say the least.

No pain. No injury. Just fluid retention thanks in part to MCAS and EDS.

To read ‘Climbing Out of the EDS Spiral – My Zengo Story,’ go to http://strengthflexibilityhealtheds.com/2015/05/13/climbing-out-of-the-eds-spiral-my-zengo-story/

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